Possible library site a familiar one in Denison

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DENISON, TX -- Denison city leaders are moving forward with plans for a new library. Monday night the council authorized the Pro Forma architectural firm to design a new building. Officials say the plans would cost about $39,000.

The Munson Foundation has offered to pay $30,000 and the library board is expected to pay the remaining balance. The current library was built in 1948. Officials say it doesn't have space for technology upgrades like more computers in the library.

"Pretty much everything has changed over the last 30-40 years from the way you shop at Albertsons to the way television is broadcast to the way Barnes and Noble sells books. So, just as it's changed in our day to day lives, it's pretty much changed for the library too," says Alvin Bailey, director of the Denison Library Board.

City leaders plan to hold a bond election in May that- if approved- would help finance the project.

They hope to build the new facility on the site of the old high school.

DENISON, Tex. -- Discussions of a new library in a familiar Denison location are on the city council’s agenda for Monday night’s scheduled meeting.

Council members are to decide if the library board can hire an architectural firm to design a new library. City leaders have discussed building a new library at the site of the old high school on Main Street. Old Denison High School was torn down earlier this year.

Council members are also to appoint members to the library board.

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