Litter a serious problem at Denison Dam

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DENISON, Tex. -- The Army Corps of Engineers is asking people to clean up their act when they visit the Denison Dam. While there are at least fifteen trash cans around the dam, the Corps says many visitors just don't use them. An email from a viewer asked us to check out the Red River at the Denison Dam, so we did, and what we found when we got out there may come as a shock.

“It disgusts me. For older fishermen, it disgusts all of us. We can only do so much."

Leonard Nuttall says every time he comes out to fish, he spends a lot of time picking up trash from bottles to cans to fishing line.

“You pick up what you can, carry it to the vehicle, and throw it way."

The Army Corps of Engineers says they have hired contractor Walter Griffin to patrol the area and keep it clean, but it's a big job for one person, and Griffin says he can only work when there are funds to pay him.

Griffin is currently only working for a two-month stretch, and so many people visit the dam that it is hard to keep up.

“It’s just one thing after another."

Griffin says he's amazed by some of the garbage he finds.

“It’s nonsense, a lot of it. You pick up everything. I picked up probably 500 dirty diapers in last two months. Instead of taking to trash can, they throw it on the ground."

The Army Corps of Engineers says one thing people can do to keep the area clean is put their trash in the trash can, and keep a lid on it.

“What gets me is look on the Oklahoma side, how clean it is. If you look at this side, there’s trash everywhere. This is Texas. We should be proud of Texas. Don’t mess with Texas. What’s going on?”

“If you take back home what you bring down here, it would help tremendously."

The Corps of Engineers encourages people to come out and help clean up the area around the dam. Walter Griffin says he could use all the help he can get.

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