Car stuck in Sherman home

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SHERMAN, TX -- A Sherman family's car is in a tough spot, literally after an accident last week. Patrice Phillips says what they thought would be a quiet night, turned into a bizarre situation. One of the family cars is totaled, and stuck in their home.

"We heard a loud noise which knocked the window right here,” Phillips says.

Shards of glass litter the front porch of this home on Houston St. Boards are splintered as a car is lodged in the front beam of the house.

"We were in the living room watching television and we just heard a boom so we all hit the floor."

Phillips says on Friday night a white SUV ran off the road, and into the porch, hitting the parked car. A tow truck was able to remove the SUV, but the car is still there. It is stuck in a beam. A wheel is so close to the foundation, they are afraid if they remove the car, the house will collapse.

"This is how our Christmas is going to be, right like this."

Police say the driver was arrested for drinking and driving and minor in possession.

Phillips is just glad her family is safe.

"People don't need to drink and drive. That's the most important thing. Or let other people drive their vehicles that are not on their policies. And it's very sad that we have to go through something like this, and it's a total loss."

Their landlord has been by to survey the damage, but it will take time before the insurance companies can sort everything out.

The passenger car stuck in the house belongs to her nephew who only had it for about four months before the accident.

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