Iraqi Election Results In

2-13-05- Kurds have taken to the streets to celebrate their strong showing in Iraq's national election. A Kurdish alliance finished second in the balloting.

In Kirkuk, cars sped through the streets blaring their horns while people waved Kurdistan flags. One woman who lost a son during Saddam Hussein's regime says now the Kurds "have a chance."

The majority Shiite Muslims finished first, winning half the vote. Iraq's vice president is a Shiite. He says, "we have a responsibility now to work together for the sake of the people."

Another leading Shiite, the country's national security adviser,
says the new government won't be formed from one sect or ethnic

Minority Sunni groups largely boycotted the voting. A Sunni scholar told Al-Jazeera that more people boycotted the vote than took part -- and those who stayed away won't remain silent.