Fire strikes Whitewright family twice in ten days

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WHITEWRIGHT, Tex. -- A fire breaks out in a family's home office, and now the State Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate. It happened Monday night on Bethel Cannon Road just off Highway 121. Just a week prior, firefighters were called out to the same home for a vehicle fire.

First, a Ford F-150 ignites while sitting in the driveway. Then, nine days later, the home office is destroyed by fire. Larry Norrell says he doesn't know what to call it.

"Yeah, it seems a little weird, back to back like that."

But mostly he feels sorry for his dad.

"I was thinking he was having a bit of a run of bad luck. The truck last week and this this week."

Grandmother Helen Norrell was home Monday night when the office caught fire, but her daughter saw it first.

"I heard her screaming that something was on fire."

Then, she saw the flames flickering outside.

"Well it scared us. It scared us all. We were scared to death; we didn't know what was going to burn next."

While state officials have been called in, according to a sheriff's office report, the fire doesn't appear to be suspicious.

Sgt. Ricky Wheeler of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office says it looks to be something electrical.

Whatever the cause, two fires have burned at the same location in a matter of days.

Witnesses claim they heard gunshots in the area and a truck speeding off but Norrell says it was just her son leaving to get the fire department.

In addition to the structure, a four-wheeler, a generator, and several tons of livestock feed were lost, but despite it being the Christmas season the family is not worried.

"A truck’s just a truck, and for the most part, it’s just a building. So no, we’re taking it pretty well."

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