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With the advent of the Internet, it's easy to find out who is living next door- even if your neighbor is a registered sex offender. We've told you before about watchdog websites. But do people really use them?

We checked a number of so-called sex offender websites for Grayson, Bryan, and Carter Counties, and found 74 offenders in Sherman, 70 in Dension, and 37 in Durant.

County officials in charge of registries say the databases are constantly maintained, but it's also up to the offenders themselves to give an accurate report of where they live.

You can find a list of local offenders on county and city websites. We showed people on the street a map of where offenders live in Sherman.

Many people were shocked to see how the number of criminals in their area.

"That's sort of shocking. There's a bunch of them, a lot more than I would've thought."

"I’m really shocked, I really am. I knew there were some, but I didn't know there were that many in this area."

"I have a lot of females in my family, they don't need to be around these people."

We talked to officials from sheriff's offices and police departments all around Texoma who say they are vigilant about maintaining records of convicted offenders.

Catherine Craig, Grayson County investigator, says offenders must update their information with her at least once a year and more often if the person has a lot of offenses.

Still, she says investigators can't be everywhere at once and really need the public's help.

"This is very important, and if any time anybody in the public has any information, then feel free to call us, and let us know, because the public is also our eyes and ears of crimes of all sorts."

Officials say they keep the public as safe as possible by publishing offender information on city and county websites and by performing random checks of offender residences. They say offender websites are a great way to get to know the people in your neighborhood.

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(Sherman and Denison webpages take you here to search. You can also search statewide.)

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