2 arrested in Denison drug raid

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DENISON, Tex. -- Denison Police arrested two men on Tuesday after they found a large amount of drugs and money in their car. Rashadi Shepard and Arthur Delmast were taken into custody after police received a tip from a confidential informant saying the two men were involved in drug activity.

Authorities say the two men were pulled over in the 200 block of Coffin Street carrying over $4,700 in cash and marijuana. When authorities entered the home they were staying in, they found an additional $1,700 in cash, 10 ounces of marijuana, and 62 grams of crack cocaine, all of which was seized...

"It’s a substantial amount, and anytime you are able to get that off the street it makes a big impact," Denison Police Lt. Mike Eppler said.

Authorities say as to what the two men were going to do with the drugs is still under investigation.

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