Construction on U.S. 75 through Sherman continues

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- Construction crews continue to work on parts of U.S. Highway 75 through Sherman and the lane closures are starting to worry drivers as Christmas is less than a week away. But Texas Department of Transportation officials say those concerns will not be a problem by next Tuesday.

Thousands of cars and trucks head south on Highway 75 through Sherman everyday. That heavy load of traffic causes the concrete to crack.

"75 takes quite a beating each year with the volume and truck traffic," TXDOT area engineer Kevin Harris says.

TXDOT area engineer Kevin Harris says crews are replacing concrete slabs that have worn down over time, but in order to do that one lane has to be shut down, and that has slowed traffic.

"That pavement ranges from 1974 to the present as far as when it was replaced. It constantly has a lot of damage repair and failure."

Harris says during the day work crews rip up old slabs and lay down new ones. At night, they close off lanes to allow time for the wet cement to dry.

Officials say the maintenance costs around $500,000, but that price varies depending on the type of problem.

"You have a problem below that pavement section that’s not just ground-related; say underground water or stability lines then it would be a little bit quicker."

Work is scheduled to be completed by this weekend, and the plan is to have crews take the holidays off and start back in early January.

Harris says the schedule will allow all lanes to be open for holiday traffic.

"If the weather looks bad on Friday we'll hold them off and not let anyone take it out on Friday and send them out tomorrow and Thursday and then everything is open through the holidays and they'll be back by the third (of January)."

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