Meals on Wheels driver, 97, delivers lunches every week

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DENISON, Tex. -- Countless people depend on Meals on Wheels for lunch, and they count on the drivers to deliver those meals just about everyday. Mystic Matthews has the story of a man who is a special part of the Meals-On-Wheels program.

You can find 97-year-old Harry Steel running the roads on a mission delivering food every Wednesday. Mr. Steel has been doing it so long he doesn’t recall just exactly when he started.

"Just about ever since it's been open. Pretty soon after they opened, I started," Mr. Steel says.

Mr. Steel says the best part about being a Meals on Wheels driver is all the people he gets to see.

"Just to see the looks on their face when I bring it in."

Dorothy Stockton runs the local program and supervises the drivers.

"He’s a very, very valuable person to us..a gentleman. To be 97 years old and still delivering meals to older people, that’s pretty good." she says.

At 97 years old, Stockton says Mr. Steel is doing more than just volunteering his time, he is making a difference in the lives of others.

“A lot of times this is the only meal these people get. It’s their only contact with the outside world," Stockton says.

For as many miles as Harry Steel has traveled in this job and for as long as he's been knocking on doors, he's discovered more than those in need of food.

“Sometimes bad situations, people lying in the floor, and if it hadn't been for that driver, we don't know what would have been the outcome. We’re very thankful for drivers."

Even if he's still making deliveries at an age when others have long since retired their keys.

"You tell somebody how old you are and they say, ‘Are you still driving?’ If they took my license, I’d drive anyway," Mr. Steel says.

But to ask Harry himself, he'll fend off any special recognition.

"I’m no different than anybody else."

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