Burglars Target Local Pharmacies

2-16-05 – The war on drugs is being waged on the streets and in local pharmacies. For the third time in six months, a pharmacy in Durant is targeted by burglars.

Around 2:00 a.m. Tuesday, the alarm system sounded at the Durant Medical Center Pharmacy, alerting police. By the time authorities got to the scene, the suspect ran away, but his image is caught on tape.

Police say the man’s attempt to get inside was unsuccessful. He tried to cut the electricity and disable the alarm, but was unable to do so.

Last October, two masked thieves got away with thousands of dollars in pharmaceuticals and were never caught.

Pharmacists say the burglars are looking for pseudoephedrine, the common ingredient in over the counter cold medications and methamphetamine. Lawmakers passed legislation last year to the limit the sale of pills containing pseudoephedrine in stores. Since the law went into effect, meth makers have a harder time getting enough pills to make the drug.

Durant Police say break-ins at veterinary offices and pharmacies are on the rise. Last year, there were three such burglaries. Compare that to this year where officers have investigated two break-ins in only two months.

If you have any information about Tuesday’s break-in, contact the Durant Police Department at 580-924-3737.