Bracelets Have Hidden Sexual Meaning

2-17-05 - Gel bracelets - which have been popular among teenagers for years - have a new double-meaning in some circles. They send a message about the wearer's sex life that some say is creeping into local schools.

A caller alerted First News to the issue, and it didn't take long before we found proof. Websites are dedicated to the fad - sex bracelets that indicate by their color how far a teen will go sexually. According to one website, yellow means hugging, purple means kissing, red means a lap dance, blue means oral sex and black means you will have sex. We spoke with several local teens who say they've heard of the practice, but haven't seen proof of it in their schools. Still, other sources say its happening in classes as young as middle school.

Community leaders say the key to tackling tough issues like this is to be open and honest with your children. Discussing sex in the open often leads to teenagers being able to resist peer pressure.