Law enforcement out in full force for holidays

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The holidays are here, and that means many will attend holiday parties where alcohol is served. Texas Department of Public Safety troopers say they will have all available officers on duty for Christmas and New Year’s in an effort to stop drinking and driving.

In addition, troopers will also be looking for speeders and anyone who is not wearing a seat belt. Sherman Police officers will also add extra patrols for the holidays.

"There is some responsibility that can fall back on the host. If they're providing alcohol and not controlling what goes on in residence, it can come back on them." Lt. Bob Fair of the Sherman Police Department says.

“There's no doubt with holidays here, parties, people go out and drink then get in vehicles and drive," Fair says.

It's not just a holiday problem. It's an everyday problem, but to officers on the street, it is something they run into more often this time of year.

“It definitely rises this time of year there's no doubt with holiday gatherings, people drinking and going out we do so more activity. With New Years Eve we'll have extra patrol that night as well, making sure roads are safe," Fair says.

On Wednesday two men in Sherman were arrested on DWI charges in unrelated stops. In an effort to stop this from happening, agencies all over the country are doing the same thing.

“The police dept has extra man power assigned and officers are always on lookout for driving while intoxicated to protect other drivers on the road."

All available OHP and DPS troopers will be out on patrol. Last year, Texas troopers made 1,200 DWI arrests, issued 27,000 speeding tickets and gave 1,100 seat belt citations.

Those are all things officers say can be prevented.

“Be a friend. Make sure friends don't drive, have designated drivers, take precautions, call them a cab, give them a ride home, but don't let them drive when they're drunk. It risks too many lives."

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