More new jobs coming to Bonham

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BONHAM, Tex. -- Bonham city officials announced on Friday the grand opening of a new manufacturing plant. G-2 and Associates have established a power surge operation that will bring up to seventeen new jobs to the area.

Company president Greg Glaser and vice president Ron Glaser are originally from Bonham and say it was time to bring big business back to their hometown.

City leaders couldn't be more excited.

"It’s a big day. Not only is this some young people coming back to our area, but it brings high tech jobs to Bonham," mayor Roy Floyd says.

Bonham city leaders say they are always looking to attract new business into their city, so when they heard a company with Bonham ties wanted to set up shop, they jumped at the chance and hope the partnership lasts a long time.

"We've pretty much been here and I have raised my family for the last 26 years here, so this is where we are going to establish our business." G2 and Associates president Greg Glaser says.

G2 and associates is a design and assembly plant dedicated to making items designed to help other companies deal with power surge protection. It is a type of business the Glasers say Bonham has seen in the past and one city officials say they're glad to see, especially because of the latest trend.

"A lot of jobs are going off shore and a lot of jobs are leaving the United States and just to have a small company here in Bonham and grow that company here where you grow those jobs here and the manufacturing here, it’s great for the economy of Bonham."

The new plant will employ 10 people in their manufacturing area and an additional seven more in the sales department, but officials say those numbers can grow especially with the talented work force they see in Bonham.

"We believe that for this company we have all the right people in this area that we can grow our business with," the Glasers say.

The fact their industry is booming right now doesn't hurt.

"As you get more into the digital age everything is micro chip and everything is so detail oriented it needs protections and that’s what we're looking at doing."

Company officials say they already have orders that need to be filled and are eager to start production sometime around January 15th.

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