Last Minute Shopping

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Even with the cold and windy weather, the crowds were thick and stores were full. Lana Bernardin at Midway Mall says, “Nothing stops Christmas. I've found that to be true year to year.”

The shopping chaos is all part of the yearly holiday hooplah. Many embracing the craziness while finishing their shopping.

Russell Clemons is one of many that braved the yearly chaos. “It's just Christmas. I love Christmas, I love buying presents, I love giving presents. And it's part of Christmas, it's part of the season.”

Local retailers say this time of year is great for the community. One says she just wants people to shop in Texoma because as long as people shop here. our economy benefits. Retailers say the hot items this year are electronics, video games and transformers.

Amanda Dolin with Target says, “It's actually a lot of fun. This is one of our favorite times of the year because you get to interact with so many people and get to help people find what they want to give to their family. What will make them happy for Christmas. So, it's fun, it's definitely crazy, but we have a great time."

A Midway Mall spokesperson says ten to twelve thousand people are expected to be shopping there on Christmas Eve.

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