The Art of the Re-Gift

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Many of us have received a present and then re-gifted it to someone else. But you might be surprised; re-gifting is more popular than ever and it's becoming more acceptable.

The Texomans we talked to agree and say they re-gift often, but getting them to admit it on camera wasn't easy. Most people willing to go public have never done it.

"No, I would never re-gift," said Sue Shipman.

"I think that you should go out and guy something for somebody, instead of giving them something that you already have," said Tara Mitchell

But one woman was brave and admitted that she has done the holiday hand-off.

"I didn't use it, I knew I wouldn't use it, so I just went ahead and sent it on to somebody else that might use it," said Katy Smith.

Most of the people said they're pretty sure they received a re-gift in the past. Melvin Caesar says he is positive that he got at least one recycled present and he wasn't happy that the gift giver pretended it was new.

"I opened up the gift and was like, okay, this is what I saw and then they tried to tell me 'i got this from the store and this was' and so, then I knew that no, you didn't get this from the store, I saw it a few days earlier," said Caesar.

Even though he would've liked the person to choose a present for him, he says he was still thankful, because some people don't even get a re-gift.

If you have no other choice and must re-gift, there are some things to have in mind in order to keep your secret unwrapped. Experts say make sure the present is un-used and that the recipient will like the gift. Finally, be sure to give the gift in a different social circle than you received it.

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