Texoma Red Cross Chapter asking for community's support

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- When disaster strikes, those affected look to relief agencies like the American Red Cross for help. After this summer's flooding and several recent house fires, the Red Cross itself is now in a dire situation.

For ninety years, the American Red Cross has been helping area residents but Texoma Chapter representatives say they need more money to keep that assistance coming.

Now they are asking for support from the community.

Red Cross volunteers were on the scene of the post oak apartment fire on Saturday night. Four families were displaced by that fire, and the Red Cross provided all ten people with emotional and physical support. The fire victims were placed in a motel and given food, clothing, and toiletries.

It’s assistance like they provided on Saturday that costs the Red Cross thousands of dollars from their already dwindling bank account.

Local representatives say being there to support disaster victims is their duty and they love being able to help, but with a budget that's already stretched thin they say another disaster might leave the Texoma Chapter in a money crisis.

"Our funds are very, very low. This was our second apartment fire in less than three months. And we really request that people send their contributions to the Red Cross so that we can continue to respond," volunteer Roni Davis says.

The Red Cross needs your donations. Here's how you can help this holiday season. You can mail donations to:

2527 Highway 691
Denison, TX 75020

If you want to drop off a donation in person you can call 903-465-1330 and select the Grayson County fire phone option.

Representatives say getting proper funding is the only way they will be able to continue to help the people of Texoma. For more information on donating, check the links below.

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