New infrastructure lines in Bells

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BELLS, Tex. -- After months of construction, the City of Bells now has new water lines running through parts of town, but as Mystic Matthews reports, those lines are just a small part of a bigger project.

Several changes to Bells’ infrastructure are now complete.

"It’s going to make things a lot more convenient for citizens here. There are people who have had very low water pressure for a while. That's going to help," Bells mayor Pat Wilson says.

The sewer lines on Vernon Street are finished, and water lines on Jernigan and Park were just completed Wednesday. Mayor Pat Wilson says the water lines have been patched a number of times, and the sewer lines had virtually disintegrated after at least three decades of use.

“Things only last so many years and they have to be replaced or repaired," Wilson said.

Brian Carlisle lives on Jernigan and says he is glad the new water line is finished.

“It will improve a lot. We won't have that occasional low pressure going on or no sewage breaks and smell and everything. Some of our streets have always been rough and not well traveled, by repaving and doing things that way will help people with trips and make it easier for them."

Next on the project agenda is repaving Jernigan and Denison Streets.

“Now they are going to repave it, it’ll be real nice not having to worry about dodging potholes or new tires because holes pop them," the mayor said.

Those road improvements will be funded with a grant from the office of rural community affairs.

“It was wonderful…$125,000 to help us repave two streets. And that's exactly what we're doing with that."

The repaving will begin within the next thirty days.

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