Love Co. set to vote on liquor by the drink

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LOVE COUNTY, Okla. -- In five days, Love County residents will take to the polls voting on two measures: a hotel-motel tax and liquor by the drink, which supporters say will bring business to the county. Residents who oppose the measure say liquor by the drink will cause more harm than good. Teddy Safo has more.

"We have a lot of great support, a lot of energy in the air." says Shaun Jones of the group “Love County Citizens for Progress”.

On Tuesday, Love County residents will decide if restaurants can serve a glass of alcohol. Love County Citizens for Progress member Shaun Jones says if residents vote yes to the measure, it will mean more money for area restaurants and fewer accidents on the roadways by keeping beverages in the restaurants and bars.

"On our statistics, counties with liquor by the drink are 67% safer than with counties with liquor by the bottle, which we already have."

Even though members of the Love County Citizens for Progress say liquor by the drink will bring in more revenue in the county, some business leaders say it will do more harm than good.

Linda Harper says liquor by the drink will not benefit Love County in any way. She believes the measure will lead to more drivers leaving restaurants and bars after drinking, putting other people on the roads at risk.

"If it’s going to provide jobs to Love County, it’s going to be ambulance drivers. It’s going to be policemen. It’s going to be the sheriff’s department. We’re going to have more people to provide jobs for the negative influences liquor by the drink will bring to the county."

That election will take place Tuesday, January 8.

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