Denison family looking for answers

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McKINNEY, TX -- An historical house outside of McKinney was reduced to rubble on Thursday. Now the Denison family who owns the property is wondering how something that took so long to build could be destroyed so quickly.

It was built in 1840, and for years it has stood on a property just north of new hope.

Now the home Margaret Smith spent the early part of her life in lies in ruins as she wonders why.

"I grew up in this house. It’s been in this place for 58 years."

Smith says the property was a gift to Elijah David Bomar from General Sam Houston, her grandfather, six generations ago for his services in the Battle of San Jacinto.

The house currently belongs to her father, who is in a nursing home. She says his health has been slowly deteriorating for the past 10 years, part of the reason the house had to be torn down.

Collin County Fire Marshall Steve Deffibaugh says they received a call from neighbors about the dilapidated home earlier this week. When investigators went out to the scene they were surprised at the building's condition. They say they didn't know about it until now because they were unable to see it.

Smith says trees were torn down by North Collin Water Service Workers to clear a path for a new water line being installed.

Once the trees were torn down, the house became visible to everybody and a danger to workers on the water line, so Smith had no choice but to have it torn down.

Now the house Margaret Smith grew up in lies in ruins, and all she can hold onto are memories.

"I spent years in this house. I grew up here."

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