Doctors, Brother Question Thomas Behavior

03-03-05 – The prosecution attacked Thomas’ insanity defense with a two hour long cross-examination of the doctor who was on the stand for most of Tuesday.

The doctor was appointed by the state to examine Thomas and testified that the accused murderer suffers from schizophrenia. He says Thomas did not commit the killings under the influence of drugs.

Andre Thomas is on trial for the murder of Leyha Hughes, but he has also admitted to killing Laura Thomas and their son.

In afternoon testimony, Thomas’ older brother Donald Ross testified about his brother’s strange behavior leading up to the murders. Behavior that included drug use, an obsession with the bible, and duct-taping his mouth shut, claiming God was testing him to see if he could go a day without talking.

He said he saw Thomas the day of the murders, when he told him he was going to Laura’s house.