School Lunch: Making the Grade

3-3-05 – A staggering number of children in Texas are obese. Most recent statistics from the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Nutrition Branch show 35% of school children in the state live at an unhealthy rate. Texas lawmakers are now working on measures to keep kids healthy, especially in school.

Last month, Texas Senator Leticia Van De Putte (D-San Antonio) proposed legislation that would require every student’s body mass index to be documented on report cards. Some students and educators are voicing concern over the issue, saying the action is inappropriate and may violate a student’s privacy.

Local schools have already taken measures to prevent students from eating junk food at school. In Sherman, soda machines have moved from the serving areas at the high school. Across the region, the portion sizes of foods like French fries are limited to 3 oz.

As for the legislation, the BMI Bill has not been met with wide support. Similar rules were passed in Arkansas last year and Georgia is also considering putting body mass indexes on report cards.