Closing Arguments in Capital Murder Trial

3-4-05 – Doctors and friends testified Thursday in the capital murder trial of Andre Thomas. Written testimony from a doctor who treated Thomas after the murders described him as unusually calm, but wanting to live. A psychiatrist also said it took months of medication to return Thomas to a normal mental state.

Rose Soto-Caballero, an ex-girlfriend of Thomas, said Thomas often wondered if God would forgive him for being in the relationship while still married to his estranged wife. She said Thomas recognized his mental problem and sought treatment for his hallucinations, but didn’t get the help in time.

The defense rested its case in the afternoon, but the prosecution called a mental health professional who interviewed Thomas after he pulled his eye out in jail as a rebuttal witness. She said Thomas told her he would not have committed the murders had he not been using drugs.

Both sides are preparing for closing arguments which begin at one o’ clock Friday.