Wal-Mart Greeter Punched in Face

3-4-05 - An elderly female Wal-Mart greeter in Pasadena, Texas was punched in the face recently, but police are hoping a surveillance tape will lead them to the attacker.

68-year-old Shirley Barker was at the door of her Wal-Mart last Friday at 2:30 in the morning. Two men were leaving, and as is the practice, she asked them if she could check their receipt. The next thing she knew, one of the men hit her in the face.

Barker was knocked to the floor while her attacker and the other man calmly walked out of the store. She recovered, but is taking several days off while her bruises heal.

But this tough grandma will be back at work and keeping her eyes peeled for the cowardly customer. "He's not going to stop me from working, I've got news for him. Next time I see him, I'll have a ball bat in my hand or something."