Dogs maul 12-year-old girl near Kingston

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- The Love County Sheriff's twelve-year-old granddaughter is hospitalized after authorities say she was attacked by three dogs. It happened Sunday afternoon around four o'clock in Marshall County off Highway 377 near Powell, just outside of Kingston.

Family members say she was rollerblading outside her house when three dogs attacked her injuring the girl on her hands, arms, and face. A neighbor was able to rescue the girl and clear the dogs. She was taken to Madill by ambulance, before being transported to MCSO in Durant for surgery.

"We have mixed emotions with this. We’re very worried about Taylor, wondering if she’s OK. But we’re also very concerned because nothing’s been done about the dogs. They are still running loose near my house," says Sherry Navarett, the victim’s aunt.

No word on the types of dogs in the attack.

KXII will keep you updated on the little girl's condition.