Banners Honor Local Heros

3-9-05 – A symbol of honor for more than eight decades is revived for military families today. The blue star banners date back to 1919; they were displayed outside homes as a symbol of a child in service. The banners are re-surfacing and recognizing sons and daughters fighting terrorism.

“It shows that we support what she does, that we believe in what she does and we just back her all the way,” says Teresa Metcalf. Her cousin is stationed at Fort Drum in New York and awaits deployment to South Korea this summer.

The blue star in the banner represents a son or daughter in the military. Each banner can carry up to five stars and if a soldier falls, the blue star is replaced with gold.

One blue star is proudly displayed on the front door of Metcalf’s Sherman home. Thousands more fly across Texas and most are distributed by the American Legion.

Sherman’s American Legion post will hold a Blue Star Salute on May 21st in recognition of Armed Forces day. For more information, call the American Legion at 903-893-0647.