Officers Back on Duty after Suspension

1-28-05 – Two Thackerville police officers are back on duty, a week after their suspensions were announced. There was standing room only as Dwain and Julie Buckaloo were reinstated at Thursday night’s city council meeting.

Thackerville residents turned out to show support for the police force and find out why the officers were suspended by Mayor Gary Reed last Thursday.

Mayor Reed did not give a full explanation. Some attending the meeting say they believe the suspension was personal.

After a lengthy executive session, the city council reinstated both officers; agreeing to reimburse the Buckaloos for wages lost during the suspension.

In the aftermath of the controversy, another decision was made to take personnel complaints out of the hands of the mayor.

A new police chief will begin handling any future personnel issues in the police department. The new chief, Rick Wilson, will not be paid for his services.