Body of Missing Girl Found

3-19-05- The body of a nine year old Florida girl has been found, more than three weeks after she disappeared from her bedroom. The body of Jessica Lunsford was discovered just 150 yards from her home.

Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsy says Jessica Lunsford's body
was found during an overnight search in a densely wooded area, only
about 150 yards away from the home the girl shared with her father
and grandparents.

The discovery comes a day after officials said a registered sex offender confessed to kidnapping and killing the girl.

Jessica's father, Mark Lunsford, visited the area this morning.
He told reporters his daughter is "home now."

The sheriff says four other people are being charged in connection with the case. He says three are charged with obstruction for failing to notify police when the suspect, John Couey, allegedly told them he had committed a crime. A fourth faced an unrelated child support charge.