Black Box in Car Helps Investigation

3-24-05 - The investigation into a train versus car accident last week in Bryan County could be solved with the help of “black box” technology inside the car.

The Cadillac had a data-recording device inside at the time it was hit by a train west of Durant. These boxes don't record voices, but they do tell authorities exactly what happened in the five seconds just before the crash.

Troopers have the equipment to download the information and immediately find out the vehicle and engine speed, when the driver hit the brakes, and the throttle's percentage.

This sensing device also shows if the driver had a seatbelt on and when the air bags deployed.

In this case, the driver survived, but troopers say statements given at the scene don’t match up with their findings so far.

Most car manufacturers are installing black boxes. If you want to find out whether your car has one, click here.