Few Make Living Wills, Despite Schiavo Case

3-25-05 – Terry Schiavo’s right to live or die has raised questions about end-of-life issues and how to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Experts recommend discussing and writing down personal wishes before a person is incapable of voicing their decision because of an illness or injury.

Eighty five percent of Americans don’t make a living will and leave their families to sort through the options. As the Terri Schiavo case has shown, in extreme circumstances, choices are made in the court system.

“We all hope that should we be put in any of those circumstances, that medical science or miracle would be able to restore us to health, but knowing exactly what a person want is so valuable and so comforting,” says Sherry Little of Home Hospice in Sherman.

Forms for living wills are available in 36 states, including Texas and Oklahoma. For more information go to www.homehospice.org

Home Hospice will hold an information teleconference on April 20th to provide information on living wills and living with grief.