TCOG launches new economic outlook webpage

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SHERMAN, TX - A new team effort is helping paint an economic picture of Texoma Which could benefit not only area agencies, but jobseekers as well. Project coordinators it could change economic development in Texoma forever.

They say, there is no "I" in "Team." But I.T. is bringing people together in Texoma.

"We've all had our data for years and we've used it to make decisions," said Bob Rhoden, Workforce Solutions Texoma. "But, one of the nice things about this project is it brings the partners together, and we're not analyzing data sitting alone in our office."

Workforce Solutions Texoma, the Denison Development Alliance, and TCOG have launched the Texoma Regional Economic Dashboard.
It's a website that takes economic indicator data from each organization and combines it to create a quick, informed, and consistent economic picture of the Texoma area.

"One of the really nice things about the website is that it's dynamic," said Rhoden. "You can change from Cooke County, to Fannin County, to Grayson County, to the Texoma region. You can lay things over one another in the graphs and it really gives you a complete picture of how our region looks against the United States, against the State, and even down to the county level."

And what's even better, is it's available to everyone.

"It's for job seekers, it's for local businesses, local public officials, elected officials, to really understand the context of the economy here in Texoma," said Susan Thomas, TCOG Executive Director.

The first report is a baseline report, and will be stacked against future reports that will be released quarterly.

"Hopefully we'll be able to start to see what's call "leading indicators" where we can begin to maybe predict a little bit about how things are going to go or understand the anomalies in our system, how things move up and down," Rhoden said.

If you would like to check out the economic dashboard for yourself, the website is

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