Spring Storm Rocks Texoma

4-6-05 – The Spring storm season kicked off with a bang Tuesday afternoon as parts of Texoma saw nickel and dime size hail, high winds, and rain.

Damages from these kinds of storms can cost homeowners thousands of dollars every year, but simple precautions can be taken to protect local homes.

Experts recommend several preventative storm damage measures – including tarring roofs and keeping gutters clean, but insurance is also recommended.

“The basic concern with homeowner policies is damage to the roof. Different policies cover water damage to different degrees. It’s important that you understand what the coverage is on your policy,” said John Murray, a State Farm insurance agent.

Flood protection, wind and hail damage is not always included in a homeowner’s insurance plan. Always review policy limitations with an agent before the storm season hits.

Material precautions can also be taken to prevent damage to the home. Most hardware stores carry materials to protect the roof, windows and floors. Shingles can be blown off in high winds and rain can accumulate under the baseboards.

Experts recommend homeowners check for loose shingles and use tar to secure them. Also, cut back tree branches that hang close to windows and keep gutters clean to prevent over-flowing with water and leaves.

“I’m like everybody else. I wait until after the storm instead of prepping for it. I repair the damage afterward,” said Bill Meriwether – a homeowner.

Last year, Oklahomans filed more than 60,000 storm-related claims for over $250 million.