Neighborhood Organizing Against Sex Offender

4-7-05 - A Sherman neighborhood is spreading the word that a sex offender has moved into their neighborhood. Folks who live near the Sherman Municipal Airport are passing out flyers and meeting with police.

They're concerned that the man, who was just paroled from prison for a kidnapping and sexual assault in Denton County nearly 2 decades ago, will be a threat to their families. During a meeting with the Sherman PD, nearly 100 parents asked questions about the man's crime and his parole conditions. Those include an ankle monitor, only leaving the house at certain times, and not driving by nearby Hahn Park or Crutchfield Elementary.

Police say public awareness is important. Although registered sex offenders have a right to live in most neighborhoods, citizens should stay alert.

The Sherman neighborhood is organizing a roster of everyone's phone number, putting safe house stickers in their windows and plans to hold monthly meetings.

You can access sex offender registries at the following web sites, or check with your local police department: