Couple Recalls Pope’s Blessing

4-7-05 – A Sherman couple, married for five decades, remembers a blessing they received straight from The Vatican. On June 19, 2004 – the couple received an ornate certificate from the Pope, blessing their 50 years of marriage in the church.

Wayne and Jacqualine Mathewson said they feel particularly close to this pope and treasure the blessing.

“I think it means more to me than actually making the 50th anniversary; to have his blessing,” said Jacqualine Mathewson.

The recent death of the Pope has affected the couple. They say they will watch the coverage of his funeral closely.

"I think the way he traveled and reached out to all the people is one of the best things that have come out of his papacy," said Jacqualine.

The couple has attended St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Sherman for 27 years. Every year, the church writes to The Vatican, requesting blessings for married couples. Last year, 20 local couples received blessings.