Former Lieutenant Pleads Guilty

4-09-05 – A month after resigning from the Sherman Police Department, former Lt. Todd Smithers waived his right to a trial when he pled guilty to the possession of obscene material Friday morning.

Smithers had visual depictions of minors engaging in sexual conduct on his computer. The images were called depictions since they downloaded from the internet and stored on a computer rather than printed.

The former officer was not taken into custody, but the judge did place restrictions on him that will not allow him to access computer, have unsupervised contact with children or possess a firearm.

The judge decided to release Smithers until his sentencing which will take place for a few months. The maximum time he can receive is ten years in prison.

Smithers was placed on paid leave on February 10th by the department, but resigned on March 3rd amid an FBI investigation. He has been in a treatment facility for what his lawyer calls an addiction.