Inmate Dies in Carter County Jail

4-9-05- An inmate subdued with a taser gun in Carter County earlier this week was found dead in his jail cell Friday night. 46 year old Ricky Barber was accused of punching a deputy Tuesday night at Lake Murray State Park.

Deputies say Barber "went crazy" at Cedar Cove. They say he attacked other campers and when authorities arrived, also attacked a deputy. Another deputy subdued him with a taser gun. Barber had been in the Carter County jail since the incident. He was charged with assault.

Around 10:00 p.m. Friday night, a guard found Barber dead in his jail cell. With no obvious cause of death, the OSBI has been called in to investigate.

This is just the second time deputies have used the taser gun since they bought the guns in November.

This is the second inmate to die in the jail in the last month. Another man hung himself in the jail several weeks ago.