Local Tax Offices Busy as Deadline Nears

4-13-05 – The April 15th deadline to file income taxes is fast-approaching, but there is still time to get the forms to the IRS.

“There are just so many other things you’d rather do,” said Lisa Brown, one of the thousands who file their taxes close to the deadline.

The IRS says nearly one third of the 133 million returns filed a year, come in during the last two weeks. In fact, an Associated Press poll found people prefer a trip to the dentist over filing their taxes.

Last minute filers are expected to flock to tax consulting firms through late Friday. Tax associates say there are several things tax payers need to know before filing:

Ask Questions: A consultant can explain if you owe, or are owed money.

Check Post Office Hours: All files must be postmarked by midnight on Friday.

Check your W2: If you don’t have it, ask consultants for a substitute

Be aware of your options: If you can’t file by mail, try to file on the web

Filers can also apply for an extension with the IRS, which will give filers and extra 4 months. While forms must be postmarked by midnight on April 15th, most post offices in Texoma close around 5p.m.

Check www.irs.gov for more information or to file on-line.