Lake Texoma open and ready for business

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KINGSTON, OK -- It may be Friday the 13th, but it was "Lake Texoma's Lucky Day" out at Catfish Bay Marina. Kristen Shanahan tells us how area leaders and business owners are kicking off lake season.

State senators, representatives, and other community leaders spoke at Friday night's event to let the public know that the lake is ready for boaters, fisherman, and all types of water recreation.

Mike Herron owns several texoma businesses and "Herron Carpet One" was just one of his stores that took a big hit when the fear of blue-green algae pushed lake-goers away.

"We sell flooring all over and around this lake and of course when their not, the people, coming to the lake their not coming to their lake houses and we're not selling flooring like we did," Herron said.

Herron was just one of the business owners who showed up to hear positive reenforcement that boaters are expected to be back out in full-force, although the U.S. Army corps of engineers says Lake Texoma is still under a water advisory. The Grayson County Health Department says they have had no confirmed cases of people or animals getting sick from blue green algae in Lake Texoma.

State Senator Josh Brecheen says the blue-green algae notices have been unnecessarily alarming, and that people should not be scared to go near the water.

"Wisdom would suggest not to drink the water, but we also need be informed that recreational exposure to blue-green algae at Lake Texoma has not resulted in a single case where some had digestional upset, rash, or any adverse health effect," Senator Brecheen said.

"Any type of thing you do from day-to-day life there's a certain amount of risk. And that's why where saying at the current advisory level the risk is not a major risk, so come out on the lake and have fun," Edward Phillips, with Lake Texoma Association, said.

Durant's Tourism Chair Cindy Kirkpatrick says so far this spring, they have seen a great turnout on the lake and says if you have not been out yet that you are missing out on a boat load of fun.

Llots of camping, lots of boating, swimming, fishing, hiking. Come out for a day picnic," Kirkpatrick said.

At last check the lake is still under water advisory. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers encourages everyone to be cautious, but says it is safe to boat and fish.

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