Dog shot after attacking teen

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MARIETTA, OK -- Police say love county sheriff's deputies shot a dog after it attacked a Marietta teenager on her way home from school this afternoon.

Daniel Freedom lives just a few houses away from where the attack happened.

"Very scary things like that just shouldn't happen at all especially around this neighborhood," Freedom said.

Marietta police say a group of students were walking home from school when a pit bull got loose from its chain and bit a 15-year-old girl once on the leg. They say she was treated at the scene and taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"She suffered from just puncture wounds to the calf area," Dustin Scott, Police Cheif of Marietta, said.

When police and Love County deputies got to the scene they say the dog ran toward them.

"As they walked around the corner of the residence the animal ran towards them and lunged at them and sheriff deputy shot the animal as he was coming towards them," Scott said.

We spoke to the dog owners who refused to comment on camera saying this is a difficult time for them, but police say they are cooperating and have already offered to provide the dog's shot records.

"The owners of the animal have been issued a citation for allowing the animal to run at large we will continue our investigation in decide at that point if additional charges are necessary" Scott said.

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