Sticking to his Guns - Sheriff Refuses To Resign

4-18-05 - Coal County Sheriff Roy Deck is under intense pressure by county commissioners to resign after he admitted to kissing a female dispatcher. 18-year0old Shawna Eastep made a sexual harassment complaint last month. Commissioners released the findings of their investigation on Monday.

They claim Deck initiated a relationship with the young woman and even called her mother and admitted he had strong feelings for the dispatcher. Commissioners say Deck also gave the woman a raise and extra shift hours – what they say is a clear case of quid pro quo – giving something in exchange for something else.

Deck has admitted to kissing the dispatcher, but says it was consensual.

Commissioners have asked Deck to resign, but for now, he says that won't happen. They claim Deck told them he was feeling burned out, and would resign this summer. But in a phone interview Monday night, Deck told First News he regrets what happened, but made a committment to voters to serve a second term, which he will do. Commissioners can't force an elected official to resign unless they resort to an ouster petition.