Davis council OK's beer sales at Turner Falls

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DAVIS, OK - Davis city officials have voted to allow Turner Falls to sell low point beer inside the park's convenience store. It's a measure that was shot down last year.

Campers at Turner Falls in Davis who choose to drink may not have to travel quite so far to purchase beer come Memorial Day weekend.

Turner Falls Park Manager Tom Graham said by then he hopes to be able to sell low point beer inside the park's convenience store.

"It's going to be at the Trading Post. It's the big convenience store, gift shop and it will be the only spot in the park that they can buy it at," Graham said.

Earlier this month, the Davis City Council approved Graham's suggestion of selling beer.

Davis Mayor Ed Parks said he supports the measure because it will bring more money to the park and the city and help keep drunk drivers off the road.

"I'm not saying everyone in here is an alcoholic but when they bring a case of beer and they drink it all by Saturday afternoon they are going to go after more beer," Parks said. "They leave the park, no telling what kind of shape they are in, they put people on the highway at risk and we cant check everyone going in and out."

Graham said currently the closest place for campers to purchase alcohol is a quarter mile outside the park.

"It causes problems with our traffic congestion outside," Graham said. "Besides the convenience for the guests to have it inside the park, it will keep some traffic off the highway."

The park has filed for a Murray County liquor license, Graham said once it is approved by the county, it has to be okayed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission which could take up to four weeks.

Parks said money from park beer sales will go to the city of Davis and mostly be used for maintenance at Turner Falls.

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