Landmark Bank renovations uncover piece of history

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MADILL, OK - A texoma bank undergoing renovation uncovered a piece of history in the process.

Landmark Bank in Madill recently began a remodel project, during the first phase of the demolition they discovered part of the original bank building from over one hundred years ago was still standing underneath.

The project's architect Mike Murphy said the main thing that caught his eye and the eyes of the long time Madill community members was the old grand marble column entrance.

Murphy said the new floor plans and exterior design for Landmark Bank will be based around the marble entrance.

Today, many locals met at the construction site to explore the original bank and talk about their memories of the structure.

"Unfortunately, a lot of things have been compromised and modified and some of it damaged but we took what was available and what was still here and redid the floor plan and the concept to sort of go back to the original entry point," Murphy said.

Murphy said the project should be complete within six months.

Landmark Bank will remain open for business at the location.

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