Bill Proposes Steroid Testing

4-19-05 - Alarmed by reports of performance-enhancing drugs in sports from the professional to high school levels, a state lawmaker called today for random steroid tests for Texas public high school athletes during the playoffs.

The bill by Republican Representative Phil King of Weatherford would ban from competition those who test positive.

King said the objective is to make sure every kid playing sports knows there's a high probability they'll be tested. The lawmaker said he believes public schools have ignored the issue.

King missed the March 11th House deadline for filing bills but was granted permission today to late-file the steroid testing legislation.

The tests would be for athletes on teams competing in University
Interscholastic League playoffs. The U-I-L is the governing body of
Texas public high school sports with about 13-hundred public school
members and two private schools -- Dallas Jesuit and Houston Strake

King's bill would also require students to agree they will not use steroids before they are eligible for U-I-L competition.

UIL officials declined to comment on the bill, which has language that could create some immediate burdens.