Woman steals $50,000 worth of iPads

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SHERMAN, TX-- A woman who's gotten away with $50,000 worth of electronics from stores all over North Texas, made a mistake when she stopped in Sherman.

Police caught her on camera and connected the the theft with several others.

Sherman police said this woman has hit over 28 Walmarts and 8 different Targets, from Ardmore to the DFW area.

Authorities caught her on surveillance video at the Sherman Walmart on April 26th, tucking three iPads in her Texas Rangers tote bag.

Police then linked the woman to several other stolen electronics across the area.

Polise said she walks into the store, gets a cart full of items and then goes back to the electronics section and asks for 3 to 4 iPads.

After the iPads are cleared through the checkout counter, she slips them into her tote bag and says she forgot her wallet in her car.

"Once she loads the iPads, into the tote bags, she will excuse herself, telling to clerk that she needs to go outside and get the rest of her money as they continue to ring up her groceries. She goes outside and doesn't come back into the store," explained, Sherman Police, Sgt. Bruce Dawsey.

Sherman Police are asking for your help to identify this woman. They say she is around 5'7 with an average build and dirty blonde hair.

If you see her or know who she is call police.