Area high schools turn up the heat on the 2nd annual Welding Rodeo

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DENISON, TX-Area high school students got fired up for a heated competition Friday transforming scrap metal into works of art. Victoria Maranan takes us to Grayson College's 2nd annual Welding Rodeo.
Sparks flew at the Grayson college parking lot Friday as over 100 students worked on their metal pieces for the 2nd Annual Welding Rodeo.
GC Technology Welding Association president, Trey Downs, started the event with Dustan Clinton last year and said the program grew from five teams to 20.

"It's just great seeing all these people come out together and do this and give the kids the opportunity. That's the main thing, I'm thrilled to death to see this many people come out," he said.

This year's theme is "Remembering America" and each welding team created sculptures representing historical events or symbols, from the 9/11 attacks, Iwo Jima, to the moon landing--complete with footprints!

"We're just looking for consistency and creativity and the effort. Creativity, effort and the detail work, you know, the little things," Downs said.

"I don't even know what to say, I definitely didn't think we're gonna win it at all."

S & S high school team captain Cole Larson and his team won first place at the competition. They built a bald eagle sculpture.

"We knew everyone's gonna do 9/11, or the Statue of Liberty or something along those lines. So, we tried to figure out what we can do or what we can do that's small and work detail on it. I guess that's what we did and that's what the judges like," he said.

Downs said the winners will receive scholarships to attend the college's welding program.

"They get the opportunity to see what we have to offer and the same time learn to work as a team. Just to spend time doing something like this, there's not too many opportunities like that," he said.

Because of the event, Grayson College received a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment of the Arts to hold the rodeo again next year.

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