More than 200 pets seized from Bonham residence

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BONHAM, Tex. -- More than 200 animals have been seized from a home on Cedar Street in Bonham. Our cameras were rolling Friday morning when the warrant was served.

"The odor is one of the worst. The junk rate is up there,"

That's how Maura Davies with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas explains the situation. A two-story Victorian style home that once had potential is now covered with urine and feces, where a couple lives in filth and unsafe health conditions.

"The easiest way to describe the inside of the home…is horrific," Davies said.

Furniture, junk, trash, is all scattered inside. Upstairs are litter boxes full of urine and feces that we're told reached two to three feet high.

"The situation for people and cats is terrible. The smell of ammonia and urine is overpowering inside and out.”

Our cameras caught up with the owner, David Wheeler.

"Would you like to comment on what's going on?

“Seems we're being hit from both sides,” Wheeler said.

Over 150 cats….Don't you think that's a health hazard?

“It sounds bad, I know. It’s not that easy to find homes for 140 cats."

Wheeler went on to say they moved into the home about four years ago. At that time they had around 13 cats but over the years the cats kept breeding, Wheeler went on.

"It’s like…its okay situation, its still okay, bam it’s bad."

Currently the animals are under the care of the SPCA. On Tuesday, a hearing date is set for the Wheelers, where a judge will decide whether they are fit to keep the felines.

The SPCA says the final count was 209 cats and 3 dogs. 20 of those cats were pregnant, one of which delivered 9 kittens on Friday.

The SPCA says it will take the animals to its shelter in McKinney. They are all expected to be adopted. Officials promise that no animal will be euthanized unless their health condition requires it.

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