Sherman, Grayson Co. team up on Washington St. project

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A project to renovate one Texoma street has reached the end of the road and officials say the area is now safer for residents thanks to the joint efforts of Sherman and Grayson County. Kristen Shanahan tells us what has been done to West Washington and why both the City and County were driven to make the changes.

The Washington Street Project started in the Summer of 2010 and after nearly two years work is now complete. Most of the road has been straightened out and widened and officials say they hope the improvements will lead to more growth.

David Osterman has lived off of Washington St. for about 24 years. He says now he can actually drive down the stretch of road that leads to Hwy 289.

"It was a dirt road and a lot of rocks and you couldn't really keep your car clean so you never really drove down that road," Osterman said.

Grayson County Commissioner Jackie Crisp says the County paved Washington St. after the city line two miles west to Hwy 289 widened it, took out some of the curves and cleaned it up. Crisp says the road was long overdue for a makeover.

"It's going to grow out here to 289 it's going to start growing out there and we are trying to stay ahead of the curve," Crisp said.

Sherman Mayor Bill Magers says the City repaved Washington St. from Heritage Parkway to the city line, as well as adding gutters and sidewalks. He says he is thankful to the county for picking up the rest of the job.

"By working together we can maximize dollars both on the City's side and the County's side to where all the residents benefit and we have good roads and good infrastructure for future development," Mayor Magers said.

"In this economic time we have to work together with the mayors schools, everybody has to work together to save the citizens tax money," Crisp said.

Mayor Magers says working together is a win win for everybody involved.

"We are doing it more and more often now and whenever there is an opportunity we want to take that advantage because again the taxpayer wins," Mayor Magers said.

Mayor Magers says the City and County are also working together on expanding and remodeling the Grayson County Jail.

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