Congress Tackles NFL Steroid Use

4-27-05 - The NFL is toughening its defense as it faces calls from Congress for stronger action against steroids. As NFL officials headed to Capitol Hill for a hearing Wednesday, the league strengthened its drug-testing program. The number of off-season tests that players can face is being tripled.

A House committee chair says the National Football League's steroid testing policy is "tough" -- but Tom Davis says "it's not perfect."

The House Government Reform Committee is following up on last month's hearing on steroids in baseball by grilling the NFL's chairman, players' association head and others.

Davis says the NFL has been much more cooperative than Major League Baseball in giving details about its testing program and announcing new steps to toughen it. He says legislation is in the works to create uniform policies for all sports.

NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is set to tell the committee the league is increasing how many off-season drug tests players can face.

Unlike at the baseball hearing, no current players will testify. The committee will hear from former player Steve Courson, who says steroid abuse led to heart trouble.