Bonham Rape Suspect - Prior Accusations

4-29-05 - Williard Adkins, a nurse’s aid charged with sexually assaulting a patient at a Bonham hospital, may have committed similar crimes before.

The 53-year-old was arraigned Friday where he plead not guilty. But since the story came to light Wednesday night, one woman has come forward claiming she witnessed inappropriate behavior by Adkins before.

The woman told First News she was working at the Honey Grove Nursing Center with Adkins when she walked in on him with an elderly female patient in a compromising position. The patient could not speak nor defend herself.

That was 5 years ago. The woman says she told her supervisors, but after questioning Adkins, they took no action.

Due to privacy laws, a spokesman for the nursing home would not comment on the claims, but did say their attorney is investigating. Adkins resigned from the nursing center in 2003.