Carter County's Magnetic Hill

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SPRINGER, OK -- Pioneer Road is just a little northwest of Springer, but it goes by another name, Magnetic Hill. While some believe the road is magical or mystical maybe it's something else altogether.

The directions are simple enough: Drive downhill down Pioneer Road until you get near the bottom, then put your car in neutral and hold on as you defy gravity and roll back up the hill.

To make sure the first attempt wasn't a fluke, we tried it again...and again...and again. We even tried adding extra leverage, with the same result.

In nearby Springer, Oklahoma the hill remains a mystery.

Heather Shelly is the Clerk Treasurer of Springer, and she says Magnetic Hill is a real draw for a lot of folks.

" We have had people from far away, not even in Oklahoma, from far away, just to try it out," said Shelly.

Not all visitors have to travel far to experience Magnetic Hill. Kyle Craighead says he has known the story of magnetic hill since he was a kid.

"The first time I heard about it may have been during elementary school," said Craighead.

Kyle even did a report on the hill in Middle School, and he has a theory about the improbable powers of magnetic hill..

"It's all an optical illusion," said Craighead.

Kyle like many others believe that the natural terrain, along with an unlevel fence, give the feeling of rolling uphill when in fact the car is actually rolling downhill.

If it is an optical illusion, it is one that was created accidentally by the combined efforts of man and mother nature. And that might just make Magnetic Hill magic, after all.

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