Train nearly collides with wrecked truck in Denison

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DENISON, TX-- Several Denison streets were blocked Wednesday morning when a train nearly hit a pickup.

Authorities said the truck was headed north on Armstrong when the driver swerved off the road, hitting a telephone pole, and crashing onto the train tracks near Denison High School.

The fire department called the railroad and learned a mile and a half long train was headed straight towards the wrecked truck.

Crews blocked off several roads and, luckily, the train slowed down in the knick of time.

"They are very big, actually what we have to do is clear out the area, you know, and keep up with the process of the train stop, but clear up the area and prepare for impact," said, Assistant Fire Chief, Bill Ray.

The driver was not seriously hurt. The train did block traffic for about 45 minutes.